That all children have quality of care and learning opportunities to reach their full potential to encounter victory as their excellence.


Kids Elevate mission is to provide safe and educational enrichment experiences for children while in the comfort of their school setting during non-school hours.



Team work






Program Description

Kids Elevate offers a before and after school program for children grades k-6 in the comfort of their school. The programs begin at 6:00 a.m before school and after care starts immediately after school dismissal to 6:30 p.m. Our schedule changes with your child’s school schedule to accommodate any schools days off such as seasonal breaks, school improvement days, and holidays. We believe children learn best through positive interactions and modeled behavior. Our goal is to improve their academic achievement. We give them the biggest jump start to begin their day. In the morning Kids Elevate before school care offers a nutritional breakfast. Our Education Support workers will help promote their social and emotional wellbeing by providing positive affirmations and social learning activities daily before they are sent off to class. After school care offers a daily snack, homework assistance, tutoring, reading time, STEM activities, indoor/outdoor activities, sports activities and more social-emotional learning activities.

Every learner encounters victory as their excellence.

According to After School alliance in Illinois, “after school programs in Illinois keep kids safe, boost student success, and help parents keep their jobs. Kids achieve more, productivity goes up, and risky behaviors go down.”

Data: Illinois parents strongly support after school


What We Do

  • We partner and collaborate with school officials and teachers.
  • We develop and set goals with each child, their caregivers, and teacher to promote growth in any challenging areas.
  • We apply each child’s strengths as a tool for implementation of achieving every goal.
  • We engage all children with social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities.

Looking Forward to Fields Trips:

  • Children’s museum
  • Brookfield zoo
  • Nature center outings
  • Recreational centers
  • Supervised summer swimming opportunities.
  • Theater trips
  • Fall  apple orchard and Pumpkin patch Trips
  • Bowling and skating events

Our Staff consist of highly qualified professionals and trained Site Director, Teachers and Educational Support Workers

Owners and visionaries 

Carla Davis is honored to serve as the Site Director of Before and After School Child Care Programs for Kids Elevate at your local elementary school. Having earned her bachelor’s degree in child development at Northern Illinois University and two master’s degrees, one in Social Work at Governors State University, Carla has devoted more than 15 years working in education and child care with young children and their families. She is committed to creating a strong unique educational program where equal values, sound foundational skills and play with a purpose are always in focus.

Prior to becoming the Director for Kids Elevate, Carla was a parent educator for TWTC in Chicago where she partnered with parents and other community agencies to provide information, support, advocacy, encouragement, and skills that enhanced parents understanding of their children development within crucial early learning years through adolescent stages. She furthered developed her professional skills as an Early Intervention Specialist for more than 5 years, and held other Head Teacher positions in early childhood programs. Since her first years in early childhood education, Carla has completely committed herself to furthering the education and growth of all children in her care. Her passion for children goes beyond the school setting. Currently Carla serves as the Youth Ministry Director at her local church in Robbins, IL where she leads the youth to grow in faith and to be closer to Jesus through relationship building and bible teaching. 

Carla enjoys every aspect of teaching and caring for children of all ages. One of her favorite things about working with children is that they can teach her as much as she teaches them. As a child care provider and social worker by heart and professional, Carla is dedicated to the social and emotional development of each student and will make it her priority to make sure that each child receives the best care, guidance and love that they deserve. Her goal is to provide a lasting educational environment for each child that comes through our program. 

Currently Tiffany is a dedicated student at Governors State University where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in education. Tiffany is very familiar within a school setting. She has experiences as being a paraprofessional, a home school educator, and a child care teacher. Prior to becoming the assistant director for Kids Elevate, Tiffany was an after school teacher for Base Child Care in Matteson School District 162. In previous jobs she worked as a Paraprofessional in Sauk Village School District 169. Her responsibilities included homework help, tutoring, activity implementation, lesson planning and over all classroom management and assistance. Besides her professional experience, Tiffany is a loving & dedicated mom of a beautiful daughter where she enjoys teaching her advanced principles and skills in her early years as she continues to grow and develop.. 

Tiffany is a great team orientated professional with an incredible passion for each individual child. She enjoys children and the opportunity to watch them grow and flourish. What she loves most about her position is that it involves learning and children. She is a true believer in education, and the children are the future. Tiffany loves working with children because she finds herself learning from her students as she teach and interacts with them. She believes you can never have too much education! Tiffany brings value to the table with strength, passion and dedication to not only children; but to education as a whole. Tiffany offers excellent skills we are striving for. 

Choose the Best! You can feel confident in our program that is licensed, certified professionals and accredited to provide the best in child care and education.